Corona: Flexibility and strong partnerships ensure delivery capability

Corona: Flexibility and strong partnerships ensure delivery capability
From our central warehouse in Renningen, Germany, more than 50 tons are shipped daily. Thanks to the energetic commitment of our purchasing and logistics colleagues, we have a stable material sourcing and an equally good shipping of goods.

Dear business partners,

today we will again give you a brief overview of the current situation at K2.

We are all together facing many challenges that change daily and have a strong impact on existing structures, such as supply chains.

In close, very trusting cooperation, we work day after day with our suppliers, forwarding agents and distribution partners to ensure that your orders are shipped and that you can continue to implement your projects. We achieve this primarily through a combination of super teamwork, fast coordination and uncomplicated solutions.

Our good ability to deliver is made possible not least by very loyal, cooperative supplier relationships. We have been sourcing mainly in Europe for a long time, in order to keep delivery routes short, to generate added value in Europe and to enable rapid availability of our systems and products.

Of course, we are affected by closures in individual countries and regions, but we compensate for this as best we can through our procurement strategy, which has so far resulted in still good availability.

We apologize for any inconvenience if there should be slight delays in the execution of your orders. Please contact us directly and we will find a solution together.

We say THANK YOU to all our partners for the great cooperation during this time!

Stay healthy!

Katharina David and the entire K2 Systems team


Tip: Collect data digitally

Willem Haag from the K2 team presents two practical features in the video:

  • Add-Inn: Protractor
    The add-in on Google Street View gives you the ability to measure an angle (Chrome / Firefox)
  • Google Earth: Measure distance and areas
    In Google Earth you can calculate the length and width of a roof.

Close coordination also in the team

Our daily reviews take place simply online.

Marcel and Willem show you in the current video call.

Tip: Collect data with K2 Sherpa

With the assistance of the K2 Sherpa, the project data can be recorded directly by the customer.


The installer uses the summary for further planning without being on site himself. This reduces the risk of infection to a minimum.



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