Dome 6: From now on usable up to 1170 mm module width

New rail sets make it possible to install bigger modules

Matthias Rentschler, Head of Product Management, explains why we add new rail sets to our Dome 6 product range and which advantages you will have:

Illustration maximum module width with old rail sets

Possibilities until today

Until now you were be able to build Dome 6 systems with module widths up to 1060 mm. Increasing cell and sizes of PV modules set new requirements for the mounting system.


It was not possible to build D-Dome 6 to build with bigger modules and for S-Dome 6 e.g. the shading distance would be too small with the exisiting Base Sets.

Illustration of the new rail sets

From now: New rail sets

From now on we offer two additional rail sets with higher length which make building with module widths up to 1170 mm possible. The following Base sets will be used automatically in K2 Base when you plan systems with module widths from 1061 -  1170 mm:


  • D-Dome 6.10 Base Set L · 2004095
  • S-Dome 6.10 Base Set L · 2004096



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