Dome 6: Now with equopotential bonding through TerraGrif PL

In a nutshell: Video about equipotential bonding at Dome 6 systems

Matthias Rentschler, Head of Product Management, explains how the new TerraGrif PL can be used to create potential equalisation in Dome 6 systems.

From now on, you can use the TerraGrif PL to ensure equipotential bonding in the Dome 6 mounting system in the direction of the rail by attaching it to the rail connector. At right angles to the rail direction, the specially designed Windbreaker takes over this function for the south-facing S-Dome 6. In the case of an east-west elevated D-Dome 6, the potential equalisation can be established transversely to the rail direction with the TerraGrif K2MI.


TerraGrif PL is available immediately and will also be added to the bill of materials in K2 Base automaticly. Further information on equipotential bonding and lightning protection can be found at our accessories page and the manual for this can also be found here.


Everything about the Dome 6 PV mounting system is available at the product page.



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