Dome V flat roof systems are now ETN certified

S-Dome V and D-Dome V have ETN certification for France

ETN – Enquête de technique nouvelle

The S- and D-Dome V 10° systems are certified by the certification office ALPES CONTROLES Bureau with the ETN since October 10, 2019. The Dome V systems are thus among the first ballasted flat roof systems without roof penetration to be certified for the French market. K2 Systems thus continues its high-quality standards and meets the requirement of the French market. The new certification supplements the existing ETNs for Speed-, Mini- and MultiRail (for trapezoidal sheet metal) as well as for Single- and SolidRail (for roofs with tiles and corrugated fibre cement).


The certification for the single-sided S-Dome V 10° System and the double-sided D-Dome V 10° System applies regardless of the type of roof covering. Another special feature of the ETN certification is that the Dome V systems are aerodynamic, ballasted, non-penetrating flat roof systems which are certified for the first time. The system doesn’t require any preparation of the roofing or thermal insulation.

The two mounting systems are certified in combination with the following modules:


  • Aleo Solar: X59Lxxx
  • REC: RECxxxTP2M
  • Trina Solar: TSM-xxxDE06M.08(II)

ETN certificate

The certificate and subsequently added Avenants can be found on the Dome V product page.



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