Everest Solar Systems is changing to K2 Systems in 2021

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The global brand for mounting systems from January 2021

At the turn of the year 2020/21, the location in California, founded in 2012, will change the name from ‘Everest Solar Systems’ to ‘K2 Systems’.


Due to trademark restrictions, the harmonization of names has only now become possible. As a result, all K2 locations in the world now operate under the same name and with a global brand for easy-to-install mounting systems.


K2 Systems stands for technology ‘Made in Germany’ combined with local know-how in the construction and renewable energy sector. Furthermore, our customers benefit from competent technical support and practical digital services.


«Can't wait to be a single brand worldwide!»

Our two CEOs, Katharina David and Andrew Neshat, give insights into the company's history and the combination of the two brands that is now finally possible.

«Great memories come into my mind!»

In the second part, the two CEOs talk about their first meeting at the American Intersolar over nine years ago.

«Great thing to be a part of!»

The key to success is a great team spirit, shared values and a close, trusting cooperation to create the best products and services.

«K2 is our parent company with a fantastic way of collaboration»

In their fourth video, the two talk about how they have built a common culture over the years through personal interaction.

«German engineering with local adaptions»

Another decisive factor is collaborative product development, in which local know-how is just as much a part of the equation as a fast, agile team work.



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