Innovations and changes in January 2021

Beginning of the year, new products and optimised components are available

An overview of all innovations is provided below: The RailUp is now available for the SpeedRail and MultiRail. In addition, a new mesh tray is available for cable routing on flat roofs and the StairPlate and Porter have been optimised.


RailUp improves ventilation

The additional component RailUp (2003191) makes it possible for the MultiRail and SpeedRail to raise the modules on the trapezoidal sheet metal (parallel to the roof) with little material input, thus improving rear ventilation and ensuring improved module performance.

Available now and soon plannable in K2 Base.

StairPlate attaches optimiser and microinverter to the mounting rail

StairPlate as set

The StairPlate is now available as a set with all fastening components and enables easy mounting of optimisers and microinverters, e.g. from SolarEdge and Enphase.


Item number: 2004057

Cable management expanded with new wire basket from PVX Multimount and Schneider Electric

Cable management extended

For the PVX Multimount®, the base for cable routing, the matching mesh tray is now also available:

  • Performa Mesh Tray
    (dimensions: 70x100x3000 mm / item no.: 2004054)
  • Matching connector: Performa Mesh Tray Connector (2 pieces required per mesh tray / item no.: 2004054)

Also soon integrated in K2 Base.

Mounting rails SingleRail, SpeedRail and SolidRail in the length of 2.10 metres

2.10 m rails remain in the range

We have taken your request on board and kept the 2.10 m mounting rail in the range:

  • SingleRail 36 (2001865)
  • SpeedRail (1003933)
  • SolidRail UltraLight (2001953)
  • SolidRail Light (1004367)

Porter optimised and summarised

Porter optimised and simplified

With the two new Porters, the possible module dimensions of the Porters used so far are covered and extended. Therefore, the previous items are replaced by the new Porters:


  • Porter 2003150 replaces 2000081 and 2003079
  • Porter 2003151 replaces 2003080

Elevation with MiniFive 9

Elevation with MiniFive 9

Changes have also been made to the range of MiniFive elevations for the MiniRail System.

The 5 cm version is no longer available. The 9 cm version is still available (MiniFive Front: 2002399 + MiniFive End: 2002401).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



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