Innovations autumn 2020

K2 employees check the delivery of the product innovations 2020

We presented our new products for the first time at our SOCO digital conference at the end of June. To ensure that you have all the relevant information in good time, we provide you with a comprehensive overview.


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Screwed directly into the corrugated sheet without fixing in the purlins


  • No fastening in the purlins, therefore fewer roof parameters have to be determined
  • Quick and easy mounting on corrugated sheet metal using an adapter and directly on trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Only two rail lengths for all load cases

More details

  • Low material usage and fast planning
  • Fixing in the roof cladding
  • Compatible corrugated iron radiuses 22-45 mm
  • Module clamp MiniClamp EC/MC 30-50 mm
  • Only two lengths for all load cases: 92/242 mm (MicroRail 10/25)
  • Planned availability from: September 2020

Dome 6 Systems

50 % faster installation on flat roofs


  • New generation is 80 % pre-assembled
  • Number of components significantly reduced
  • Dome Speed Spacer provides flexible and fast rail alignment
  • Simultaneous assembly of modules and mounting system as well as reduced screw connections provide additional time savings
  • Single and double sided 10° elevation
  • Roofs with limited load capacity as well as pitched roofs (≤ 10°) can be securely anchored with the Dome FixPro Set

More details

Detail Mat S and rail set
Flexible support pad Mat S made of EPDM and SpeedRail
Dome 6 rail sets
Pre-assembled rail sets and simple click assembly of the elevation
MiniClamp MC and EC
Universal module clamp MiniClamp EC/MC
Detail RailConnector
RailConnector: Simple rail connector with hitch pin
Dome Speed Spacer in application
Dome Speed Spacer as mounting support
Fixed connection with Dome FixPro for D-Dome 6
Dome FixPro Set for fixed connection to roofs ≥ 3°
CrossHook 3S and 4S with optimisations

CrossHook 3S and 4S

Optimisation of the roof hook classics


  • CrossBoard now with CrossBracket 4S for roof edge areas or roof obstacles
  • CrossHook 4S: No more tool change required for height adjustment
  • Planned availability: September 2020

Detail CrossBracket 4S and CrossBoard

CrossBracket 4S

  • Bracket of the CrossHook 4S for use with CrossBoard
  • Fixation screw included
  • Planned availability: August 2020

Detail SingleHook Alpin

SingleHook Alpin

Now available


  • The solution for high snow and wind loads made of aluminium
  • Ideal in combination with sheet metal tile replacement, therefore no more processing of the tile necessary
  • Pre-assembled T-bolt screw and nut for rail connection



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