K2 CrossHook 3S: Planning reliability with ETA

CrossHook 3S: Roof hook with European Technical Approval

On 14 October 2016, we received the European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0709 for our CrossHook 3S roof hook. We are particularly pleased with this assessment, as we have obtained general approval valid throughout the EU.


This assessment clarifies the load limits when using roof hooks on pitched roofs with pantiles. Both the roof connection as well as the load-bearing capacity of the bracket, which carries the mounting rails, were tested. European assessments are based on the idea of aligning economic areas through technical compatibility and thus simplifying trade. ETA-16/0709 also applies in France and is equivalent to an ATEC.

With this certification for the CrossHook 3S in combination with SingleRail or CrossRail, we have achieved a complete statically proven mounting system. This feature makes our systems with CrossHook 3S unique in the European market and sets worldwide standards.   


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