K2 Special Ops: Special situations call for special measures

Team K2 Special Operations
A few weeks ago, we created the headquarters of the Special Ops Team out of our large meeting room in Renningen. All staff members test themselves regularly and we follow all Corona protection measures.

Dear business partners,

Your order books are full, your customers are waiting and now there is a shortage of materials everywhere. The news also reports daily about supply problems, such as in the construction industry, where wood and other building materials are in short supply.

What is going on? The current procurement situation is very tight and with the problem of availability, prices are naturally rising. Everywhere, demand is much greater than forecast. In the case of aluminium, for example, we have had a price increase of over 25 % since December 2020. Unfortunately, we cannot expect the general situation to ease in the short term here. Some of the causes, such as the EU protective tariffs or the increased demand for raw materials, can be found in a summary at the bottom of the article.


We are fully aware that the current situation and the resulting supply bottlenecks are causing you stress, frustration and anger. You know us as a reliable partner, and to ensure that this remains the case, we will continue to provide you with concrete and binding information and remain in dialogue with you. In this way, we can master the current situation together and find solutions.

Team K2 Special Ops

To ensure that this works out, we have had our "K2 Special Ops" for a few weeks now.


A team consisting of colleagues from purchasing, sales and logistics, who exclusively take care of the current order processing and keep an eye on everything. At the same time, we are strengthening and expanding the long-term partnerships with our suppliers in order to be able to act even more agilely in the future.

For us, the most important thing is to inform and supply you reliably. And in doing so, to communicate completely transparently and also not to promise anything that we cannot keep. For us, that means true partnership and fair play.


With our clear statements, we want to ensure better planning reliability for you, so that you too can provide your customers with concrete information and adapt your own processes.


Unfortunately, we cannot make everything possible. But we want you to know that even in the current situation we will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with our service and our products. You can rely on us! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Together we will make the best of the situation!


Background to the current procurement situation

In 2020, some industries were significantly curtailed due to the pandemic. Fortunately, industry is picking up again in many areas - the construction sector is still booming. This boom in demand in many areas on the European market and worldwide is partly triggered in the short term.

The consequence of the strong growth in demand is corresponding capacity bottlenecks and price increases. The EU's protective tariffs on metals against China have also caused an enormous increase in demand for European-produced aluminium. The shortage has led to massive price increases and greatly extended delivery times in Europe. Rising freight prices, especially in maritime trade, also lead to higher transport costs.



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