MiniFive ensures ideal ventilation

The new additional component MiniFive offers a simple and easy option to mount the modules for the tried-and-tested MiniRail System by K2 Systems. One-sided mounting of the modules at the eponymous angle of 5° improves the irradiation angle and above all the ventilation between the roof and the PV system.

The modules in particular benefit from ideal ventilation, leading to a substantially greater yield on the trapezoidal sheet roofing.


MiniFiveEnd MiniFive Front
MiniFive End and MiniFive Front

Three products for practical mounting:

  • The two aluminium module supports MiniFive Front and MiniFive End are inserted into the MiniRail. The module clamps are attached to the two MiniFive components.
  • The components are available in two versions, depending on the area of use and specific load requirements: first in a width of 5 cm for normal snow load, and second in a 9 cm version model for high snow loads.
  • And the bolt set MiniFiveFix holds the mount firmly in place in the centre of each module row, controlling the system’s thermal expansion.

Learn more about the new feature MiniFive in our animation.

‘Although actually a simple module support, the new adapter designed specifically for our MiniRail System proves hugely effective, as the improved ventilation substantially increases the performance of the PV system. The MiniRail family can therefore welcome a fantastic and simple new member that will contribute to cooling,’

says Katharina David, Managing Director at K2 Systems.


Updates for the MiniRail System in 2016:

  • Only last June, the company used the occasion of the Intersolar in Munich to present the significantly upgraded MiniRail System. A new profile cut ensures lower weight and therefore additional cost savings in shipping and retail price.
  • With the new, application-oriented MiniClamp (27-35 mm), the possible range for module frame clamping has increased from the previous 34 to 50 millimetres to a total range of 27 to 50 millimetres.


The MiniRail System is on of the most successful mounting systems of K2 Systems and the new family member MiniFive makes it much more attractive to fitters and technicians.

The additional 5° incline ensures improved air circulation, a factor known as ventilation. The additional cooling produced by the system is further testimony to the innovative drive and strength of the dedicated development team at K2 Systems, which consistently identifies market requirements, translating them sufficiently and creatively into new ideas.




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