MiniRail System has received ETN certification

More about the certificate and more details especially for France
The tests are carried out by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) and the ETN certification by Bureau ALPES CONTROLES.

ETN - Enquête de technique nouvelle

The short rail system MiniRail has received ETN certification. The certification applies to the entire MiniRail System with the following modules:

  • Axitec Axi Premium AC-xxxM/156-60S, 300 W-320 W
  • Hanwha QCells Q Peak Duo G5, 315W - 330 W
  • Recom Sillia 60Mxxx, 265 W - 290 W
  • Sunpower E20-327-COM , 327 W
  • Suntech STPxxx-20/ Wfw, 265W - 295 W


In France applies the DTU 40.35 norm (Domaine Technique d'Utilisation). However, the DTU does not provide for any regulations for the mounting of a PV system, such as the MiniRail on the trapezoidal sheet metal.


The ETN certification and the various tests make it possible to complete the DTU 40.35 norm. The ETN is issued by the ALPES CONTROLES Bureau and is based on several mechanical load tests (e.g. pressure, vacuum) carried out at the CSTB. With the ETN certification, the MiniRail System for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs thus fulfils a compliant DTU fastening.


Further mounting systems with an ETN are the SingleRail SystemSpeedRail System and the MultiRail System.



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