Roof hooks: Improvements in load bearing capacity

In a nutshell: Video about improved utilisation

Matthias Rentschler, Head of Product Management, explains which benefits you have with our improved load bearing capacity of roof hooks:

After long and elaborate research and testing, we are pleased to inform you about a significant improve­ment in the load bearing capa­city of our roof hooks. You will see this advan­tage when you plan your next project in K2 Base.


By means of a new inno­vative evaluation proce­dure we have succee­ded in improv­ing the load capacity of our roof hooks CrossHook 3S, CrossHook 4S and SolidHook Vario 2 by at least 10 %. As a result 15 - 25 % fewer roof hooks are required in many projects. This reduces the insta­llation time!

Proven better results can now also be achieved in regions with higher snow loads. The calculation continues to follow the EuroCode standards.



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