S-Dome V + D-Dome V: flat roof systems of the fifth generation

Intersolar Europe 2018
Part of the product news are the flat roof systems S- and D-Dome V, the Floating PV system and the Insertion System for pitched roofs

The smarter E - Europe

K2 Systems will present new and enhanced product systems with innovative components and features that make PV planning and installation even faster and easier exclusively at Intersolar. In this way, the company is continuing its guiding principle ”We keep it simple. For you”.


K2 Systems has developed the two S- and D-Dome V systems with future-oriented features for flat roof areas. The newly introduced insertion system complements pitched roofs and the company also has a solution in its range for Floating PV. The aim of achieving fast and easy mounting is also evident in the new features of the Base On online software and in the expanded range of webinars and videos.

Premiere: S-Dome V and D-Dome V

K2 Systems will present two enhanced flat roof systems with a 10° incline exclusively at Intersolar. The single-sided S-Dome V and the double-sided D-Dome V combine advantages, such as stability and easy of mounting, and provide answers to the constantly growing demands of the markets with new features.

The new flexible support pad, the so-called “Mat V”, is a key feature. In comparison to conventional building protection mats, the new mat has a better friction coefficient and prevents chemical interactions with the roof covering. The EPDM material and the geometry make these features possible. A second building protection mat with an aluminium lining is therefore no longer required. In addition, the structure of the system compensates for the tolerance on the roof. The two flat roof systems are also material-optimised and offer a price advantage, especially given the rising aluminium prices.

K2 Systems is a clear rooftop specialist

K2 Systems also has new solutions for pitched roof areas to enable quick and above all easy mounting with just a few basic components and an appropriate roof fixation.

Insertion System

A new addition to the range is the Insertion System that is distributed in cooperation with the Swiss company Solarteam. The solar modules are mounted quickly because the system does not need any module clamps. The closed surface gives the system an attractive overall appearance that satisfies the highest aesthetic demands.

Other product innovations: Floating PV and cable management

The appropriate cable management for the new S- and D-Dome V flat roof systems and for the S- and D-Dome Classic systems is possible with the “Cable Manager”. The new Cable Manager can be plugged into any edge, such as the module frame. The cables can then be easily grouped together and therefore securely fastened.

Floating PV

The D-Dome Classic system is learning to swim with the help of the so-called floaters. In this way, K2 Systems is expanding its fields of application with the installation of systems on lakes, with Floating PV. The size of the module arrays is scalable and the solar modules have a higher power output because of the cooling effect of the water surface.

The motto is continued: We keep it simple. For you.

Personal service and the fast, reliable planning of the mounting system are a top priority at K2 Systems. Additional features have therefore been added to the free Base On planning tool in recent months and it has been made even easier to use. The company has also expanded the video channel with helpful tips and a range of webinars. The rapidly growing internationalisation is also evident in the new Brazilian office and in the addition of the Portuguese and Spanish languages to enable a clear and easy installation of the K2 mounting systems.



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