Simple solution for cable management

" & go": The PVX Multimount® cable management system

The product enables a safe and structured cable management on the flat roof. The cables of the PV system can be routed from the roof in two ways: Either via two cable feedthroughs or via an additional mesh cable tray attached to the product.


  • Secure placement of cable harnesses, electrical pipes or mesh cable trays
  • Very fast installation without tools with integrated ballasting
  • Tube feedthroughs with simple clamping device
  • Flexible support of the most common wire basket channels
  • Consists of 80 % UV-resistant recycled material
  • Cooperation partner: PVX Multimount®, Gorinchem (Netherlands)
  • For every PVX Multimount® sold, 5 cents go to the Kiki Foundation, which supports social projects in the Netherlands.

Tube feedthroughs

In a PVX Multimount® you can lay two tubes with several cables (Ø 16 - 32 mm).

The cable conduits are securely fixed by the simple clamping device.

Mesh cable trays

You can attach up to three baskets to a PVX Multimount® using a simple click mechanism.

The standardised baskets (width between 35 - 100 mm) can be purchased from your electrical wholesaler, for example.

Technical information

  • Weight: 1.12 kg
  • 100 % UV-resistant 
  • Temperature: -40°C up to +60°C
  • Max. load: 50 kg

Planning of the PVX Multimount®

Planning of the PVX Multimount®

Planning of the cable management solution in the Base planning software will be possible soon.


In the meantime, please send your inquiry to K2 Systems, your distributor or PVX Multimount®.



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