SingleHook FT Roof Hook

Stainless steel roof hook for SingleRail
The stainless steel roof hook is compatible with the SingleRail 36 and SingleRail 50.

The SingleHook FT roof hook is suitable for flat tiles and pantiles, as well as narrow rafters. It does not need to be mounted to rafters and can be fixed to an installation board.

Developed as a special alloy for coastal regions, the SingleHook FT is particularly resistant to corrosion. In addition, it is also suitable for large span widths and pitched roofs.


The SingleHook FT roof hook enables large span widths and is often used in the Benelux countries, as well as England and Denmark.



To install the roof hook (1) you will need the SingleRail 36 or SingleRail 50 rail (2), depending on the roof  conditions, an installation board (3), self-drilling wood screws(4), and optionally a compensator plate (5) for height adjustment.  

SingleRail System

The SingleRail rail combined with a lateral connection, can be used with several roof hooks.


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