SingleRail System with ETN certification

The ETN certification was issued by SUD EST PRÉVENTION on 4 October 2018. The ETN applies for example to the SingleRail with the CrossHook 3S (see figure).

ETN - Enquête de technique nouvelle

The SingleRail System has received the French ETN certificate from SUD EST PRÉVENTION. In detail, the certification applies to SingleRail 36, SingleRail 50 and SingleRail 63 with the module end clamp and the module middle clamp XS.


The ETN applies to the following combinations of roof fastenings:

  • SingleRail with CrossHook 3S / 4S / 4S+
  • SingleRail with the roof hook for slate roofing
  • SingleRail with hanger bolt
  • SingleRail with solar fastener


Now you can use the SingleRail System to build PV systems on tiled and slate roofs, corrugated fibre cement and corrugated sheet metal with French approval.


The certification applies to the SingleRail with the following modules:


  • Aleo Solar: S19, S79, X59, X79
  • Axitec: AXIPREMIUM AC-xxxM / 156-60S-xxx
  • Bisol: PREMIUM BMO 280-305 Wc
  • Auo Benq: Sun Vivo - PM060MW2/PM060MB2 xxx
  • Jinko Solar: EAGLE 60P, JKM xxxPP-60(5BB)
  • LG Solar: LGNeONtm 2-LGxxxNIC-A5 (update 2017)
  • Q-Cells: Q.ANTUM Q.PEAK-G4-1-xxx
  • Soluxtec: multi serie-xxx, mono serie-xxx
  • Sunerg: X-MAX PLUS MONOCRISTALLINS-XM460xxxl+35 (IB+35)
  • Voltec: TARKA 60 VSPS, TARKA 60 VSMS


In France applies among other norms the DTU 40.35 norm (Domaine Technique d'Utilisation). However, the DTU does not provide for any regulations for the mounting of a PV system, such as the SingleRail. The ETN certification make it possible to complete among other norms the DTU 40.35 norm. The ETN is issued by the SUD EST PRÉVENTION. With the ETN certification the SingleRail System thus fulfils a compliant DTU fastening.


ETN also for the MiniRail System

The short rail system for trapezoidal sheet metal has also received the ETN certificate from the Bureau ALPES CONTROLES. In addition, the SpeedRail and MultiRail systems have the French certification.

Team with local experience

Team with local experience

„As an engineer and thanks to my many years of experience in the PV industry, I am very familiar with the special features of French roofs, but also with government requirements. With the ETN certification for the MiniRail and the SingleRail, we have efficient solutions for the most important pitched roof coverings! Please do not hesitate to call me directly“.

João Monteiro, Head of K2 Systems France



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