This time we messed up pretty badly.

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The K2 value proposition - reliable, fast deliveries, high availability, technical support and good accessibility.

This time we have really messed up. We all misjudged the huge demand and the rapid expansion that completely overtook us this year. In some cases, we were not even able to give our customers concrete delivery quantities and dates.


We are extremely sorry about this and will do everything we can to ensure that this does not happen again. We have already taken care of this by setting up a special internal team from the areas of purchasing, sales and logistics that is exclusively concerned with the reliability of deliveries.

Performance promise

The general supply situation, the shortage of raw materials and the enormous demand is not a momentary occurrence, but will be the new normal, at least in the PV industry. And we have now reacted to this.


We have managed to triple the need in a short time.


In close coordination with our existing and new suppliers, we have also placed our production on a much broader funda­ment. This means that in a year with few raw material and production restrictions, a fivefold increase will be possible at short notice. For example, we will be able to deliver 300% more CrossHook 3S/4S roof hooks by the end of September than in March!

Performance promise

We have all seen that we need to break new ground and become more agile. Not every situation is predictable, but if we coordinate even more closely and at shorter intervals in the future, we can react better to trends. Despite Corona ­restrictions and wrecked ships in the Suez Canal.


The new normal is already a reality at K2. And we promise that we will continue to develop together with you in the future, as a joint driver of the energy transition.


K2 Systems is your reliable partner today and in the future, because we support you in your growth through the rapid expansion of production capacities and the reliable provision of exponentially growing quantities!



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