A PV system with D-Dome produces around 100 MWh self-generated solar power

Reference D-Dome System 2.0
PV facility with the proven D-Dome 2.0 System

Reference D-Dome System 2.0 | July 2016

In July, our partner Grammer Solar installed a powerful 100 kW output PV plant supplying cooling systems for a delicatessen and fishmonger’s shop in Amberg, Germany. This powerful system installed with our reliable D-Dome System, this powerful system generates around 100 MWh and covers a quarter of its energy requirements.

The flat roof system is equipped with German modules and due to the double-sided east-west orientation of the D-Dome, optimises solar irradiation. The module support element Dome D1000 and Dome SD enable two-sided elevations. The Dome is fixed onto the short SpeedRail with building protection mats.


East-west orientation D-Dome System
D-Dome System 2.0

The short rails and the Dome width of 65 mm of the D-Dome 2.0 System lends to simple, flexible mounting, as well as cost-optimisation in terms of storage and transport.

The D-Dome System, a proven K2 classic system that really stands out due to the double-sided elevation, as well as quick and easy handling.

D-Dome 10° Flat roof system

The solution for double-sided elevation


The D-Dome System is suitable for nearly all types of flat roofs. It is very easy to install using fewer K2 System components.

  • A system which provides optimal surface utilisation and yields for roofs with limited ballasting options
  • Aerodynamically optimised as a result of wind tunnel testing
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Also available as a short rail system

  • Symbol flat roof
  • Symbol trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Symbol two-sided elevation
  • Symbol pallet good

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