CrossRail and SolidRail substructure powers E-Bikes in Oslo

Reference, special project
Sun Cube and Sun Tree modules are fixed on a custom designed substructure (source: Solenergi FUSen AS)

Installation information

  • Built: Summer 2017
  • Number of modules: 9 and 15 modules
  • Roof covering: custom design
  • System solutions: Cross Bracing Solid XL and CrossRail 62

Oslo is the first European city where e-bikes are 100% powered by solar energy. The "Sun Mobility" project is one of many campaigns run by private companies to make the Norwegian city greener. On behalf of our Norwegian partner Solenergi FUSen AS, we designed a custom substructure for MøllerGruppen AS.

Project details include a "solar tree" in the city park Frognerparken, as well as several "sun cubes" at the Jernbanetorget and Aker Brygge bus stops at the city centre rental stations for e-bikes. The approximately 40 e-bikes are provided by the city for a small fee of 1 crown per minute.

The "solar tree" in the city park offers four power outlets and can charge around 50 e-bikes a day and gives around 1,500 mobile phones new electricity directly from the sun. The substructure for the 9 solar modules consists of a cross-bracing from the Solid XL and the CrossRail 62 rail as a modular support rail from K2 Systems. The "sun cubes" at the e-bike rental stations have a CrossRail 62 substructure for each of the 15 solar modules and is equipped with 4 USB ports.


Oslo strives to become the "greenest city in Europe" by 2019. Next projects are already planned in several Norwegian cities, as well as in Sweden and the Baltic States.

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