D-Dome 6 plant installed in northern Italy with an annual output of 1,46 MWp

D-Dome 6 installation, flat roof, mounting system, Italy, reference

Installation information of the plant with membrane

  • Location: Piacenza, Italy
  • Building: warehouse
  • Building height: 14 m
  • Annual yield: 1.46 GWh (nominal output: 1.46 MWp)
  • Number of modules: 3,520
  • Module field: 7,500 m²
  • Built: December 2020
  • System: D-Dome 6
  • Roof pitch: 0°
  • Planning and construction time: 3 months
  • Clamping of the modules: short side
  • Module orientation: horizontal
  • Use of electricity: 95 % own consumption
  • Partner: Enerqos Energy Solutions

More impressions of Enerqos Energy Solutions' project

Enerqos support companies with technological, financial and consulting solutions for energy efficiency. They believe in renewable energy and in the importance of reducing consumption and emissions, for more competitive firms and for a greener world.

Fast and easy: Dome 6

  • 80 % pre-assembled and 70 % faster to install thanks to improved components
  • Dome Speed Spacer distance gauge provides time-saving rail alignment


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