D-Dome for a multi-story car park and logistics centre

Reference with 1,35 MW at Neckarsulm, Germany
The Heilbronn power station is in view in the background of the installation (source: Orange Solar GmbH).

Installation information

  • Built: January 2018
  • Commissioned: March 2018
  • Location: Neckarsulm, Germany
  • Yield: 1,35 MW
  • Power consumption: own consumption and fed into the power grid
  • System: D-Dome Classic
  • Number of modules: 2,772 modules
  • Roof covering: membrane, green roof
  • Building height: 20m
  • Partner: Orange Solar GmbH

Solar Cluster establishes a strong network

„The collaboration between K2 and Orange Solar has once again worked very well. We have known each other for several years through our involvement in the Solar Cluster, in which various companies from the solar industry are committed to the expansion and strengthening of renewable energy in Baden-Württemberg,“ says Daniel Brandl, Managing Director of Orange Solar GmbH.


„The Solar Cluster has approximately 40 members, including business enterprises, municipal utilities and research institutes. Since its founding in 2012, the strong network has resulted in exchange of knowledge and numerous collaborations among its members,“ reports Katharina David, Managing Director K2 Systems.

More about the Solar Cluster can be found here


D-Dome Classic

The flat roof of the multi-story car park measuring 99 by 50 meters with an elevation of 2°. The 1.944 modules generate power for the own consumption and for fedding into the power grid.

Parkhaus Neckarsulm, Deutschland

Solar energy powers car park

The first installation generates 524.88 kWp and is designed for an operating life of 50 years.

(source: Goldbeck webcam, 02.02.2018)

Logistics centre Neckarsulm, Germany

And the logistics centre

The second system is located on the neighbouring building and is covered with greenery.

The roof surface has room for 828 modules, which are also supported by the D-Dome System.

Design layout with Base On

Design layout with Base On

The project was planned with the help of the free software Base On.

The software tool calculated an installation plan with module blocks, the ballast plan and other results such as specific loads, the static report, as well as the bill of materials.

Base On installation

Result: bill of materials

The list for the first roof delivered the following items:

1,136 domes, 4,544 MK2 insert nuts and 2,272 Dome Wire Hanger. In addition, a total of 2,494 meters SpeedRail were used.


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