Facade in Norway equipped with PV

Tailored solution with 321 kWp on a company site
K2 Systems and Solenergi FUSen developed a facade solution with the SpeedRail (source: Solenergi FUSen).

Installation information

  • Location: Sperrebotn, Norway
  • Number of modules: 1,146
  • Total Yield: 1,322 kWp, facades 321 kWp
  • Custom solution: SpeedRail System with AddOn
  • Commissioned: December 2016
  • Partner: Solenergi FUSen AS

SpeedRail for the facade solution

Fassades were specially designed with the SpeedRail, SpeedClips and K2 AddOns. Three of the facades are south south-west and one is east south-east facing.

Special construction facade Norway

In cooperation with Solenergi FUSen, PV systems were installed on the company's facades and roofs.

The installed system supplies power to the large refrigerated, automated warehouses of the Norwegian food distributor UNIL.

"The project in Sperrebotn utilised different types of fastening. Especially in autumn, winter and spring, Norway has low sun inclination, which we must take into account. The customer wanted the electricity to be distributed over the day and year in such a way to reduce the peak production in the middle of the day/year and increase production in the periods with lower sun irradiation," says Steinar Nilsen, Project Manager at Solenergi FUSen.

2,275 meters of SpeedRail installed

2,275 meters of SpeedRail rail installed
The four facades have a yield of 321 kWp. In addition 6,558 SpeedClips and 2,600 AddOns were installed.

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