Installation on pantiles and sheet metal dormers

Terraced house in Southern Germany receives PV system
The PV system on the pantiles is fastened with the SingleRail and the CrossHook 3S roof hook (source: HUMMEL Systemhaus).

Installation information

  • Commissioning: February 2018
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Roof covering: pantile (30°) and metal dormer (5°)
  • Yield: 9,9 KWp
  • Annual output: 9.500 KWh
  • Return: approx. 6% (amortisation period approx. 12 years)
  • Power consumption: own consumption, fed into the power grid
  • System: SingleRail and SolidRail
  • Roof fastener: CrossHook 3S and S-5! Standing Seam
  • Number of modules: 30 modules
  • Installation time: 3 days
  • Clamping of the modules: long side
  • Special feature on the roof: solar thermal system already installed
  • Partner: HUMMEL Systemhaus

Family becomes more independent with the PV system

„The residential house was already a passive house at the beginning of the project. This means that the structure of the building envelope stores the heat inside the building and thus requires little additional heating. Our plan was that the family could generate their own electricity by installing the photovoltaic system and thus become even more independent of their energy supplier,“ says Kim Schneck, Project Manager Energy Systems, HUMMEL Systemhaus.


Step by step to the finished PV system

Step by step to the finished PV system
After looking at the assembly plan from Base On, the installer fastens the roof hook and the mounting rail. Then the modules are prepared and fixed with the help of the module clamp.
Roof with sheet metal dormers

1. Roof with sheet metal dormers

With the S-5! standing seam clamp and the OneMid universal clamp, the solar modules are installed with the aid of a cross connection of the SolidRail UltraLight 32 and the SingleRail 36. The cross connection is necessary because the modules can only be clamped on the long side and the modules are arranged horizontally.

2. Roof with pantiles

The SingleRail 36 mounting rail and the CrossHook 3S roof hook are used on the tiled roof. The solar modules are fastened with the OneMid/OneEnd universal clamp, which can be anodized in black at the customer's request.

Modular design: Same module clamp and same mounting rail

„This project demonstrates the proven modular principle of K2 Systems, which enables simple, cost-effective and fast installation. Despite the different covering of pantiles and sheet metal dormers, the same mounting rails and the same module clamps are used. The reliable CrossHook 3S roof hook was used for the pantiles and the standing seam clamp for the sheet metal dormers,“ says Stephan Klopfer, K2 Systems project manager.


Due to the compatibility with a few basic components (e.g. universal clamp OneMid and rail SingleRail/SolidRail) and a matching roof fastener, different applications can be realized with relatively little effort and extremely quickly. Overall, fewer different materials are required on the construction site and in the warehouse, resulting in lower costs for transport and storage. Likewise, the employees are more experienced in setting up and thus faster in the design of a system during assembly.

Design in Base On

The project was calculated with K2's own online software Base On. Using five steps, the roof is recorded, the module fields created, statically verified and a detailed plan issued, which the installer can take with him to the construction site.


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