Italian confectionery manufacturer produces its own solar power

Project with S-Dome and SpeedRail in Northern Italy
On the flat roof, the one-sided S-Dome System was installed (source: Sinergi s.r.l.).

Installation information

  • Location: Roverè Veronese, Italy
  • Yield: 749,48 kWp
  • Use of electricity: 90% own consumption
  • Roof covering: trapezoidal sheet metal, flat roof
  • Roof pitch: 5° and 0°
  • System: SpeedRail and S-Dome
  • Duration (planning and installation): 6 months
  • Number of modules: 2,292 modules
  • Partner: Sinergi s.r.l.

Video of the project

The video shows the 749 kWp plant from the air on the building of the confectionery manufacturer Bonomi SpA.


A detailed assembly video can be found here.


Italian distribution partner: Sinergi

Sinergi s.r.l. is an EPC from Verona, which has been building photovoltaic systems mainly on industrial sites for over 10 years. The company supplies turnkey plants and offers optimal service.

Aerial photos of the confectionery manufacturer Bonomi SpA

Installing the SpeedRail using the SpeedClips
The trapezoidal sheet metal roof with an inclination of 5° has received the matching SpeedRail System.

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