Largest PV plants in Serbia fitted with MultiRail

Installation information about the two PV plants

  • Location: Nova Pazova, Serbia
  • Building: two commercial halls
  • Annual output: 826,475 kWp (497,850 kWp + 328,625 kWp)
  • Number of modules: 1,810 + 1,195 modules
  • Use of electricity: own consumption
  • Built: November 2019
  • Construction time: 2 months
  • System: MultiRail
  • Clamping of the modules: long side
  • Module orientation: horizontal
  • Roof covering: trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Roof pitch: 6
  • Partner: Energize

Impressions of the two projects in Nova Pazova, Serbia


MultiRail: Rail and fasteners

The MultiRail System is suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and roof attachment and mounting rail in one component.


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