MiniRail installation on a single family house

Reference in Poland
The house has a trapezoidal sheet metal roof on which the PV system is fastened using the MiniRail System (source: Darsun Solar).

Installation information

  • Built: January 2018
  • Location: Zamość-Tarnawatka, Poland
  • Yield: 4.4 kW
  • Calculation with Base On
  • System: MiniRail
  • Number of modules: 16 modules
  • Roof covering: trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Partner: Darsun Solar

Fast and easy installation with MiniRail

„The project worked wonderfully. We planned the system with the K2 software Base On and then ordered all components from our distributor here in Poland. The installation with the MiniRail short rail and the MiniClamp was really fast and easy. We like using K2 products because they are easy to install and suitable for different roofs,“ reports the satisfied installer Dariusz Bednarski, Managing Director of Darsun Solar.

Step-by-step to a completed PV system

MiniRail System reference, Poland
Start of the installation with the construction on the roof and the ordered products.
MiniRail System reference, Poland
The installer takes a look at the assembly plan calculated by Base On, and he is ready to go!
MiniRail System reference, Poland
The MiniRail short rail system is suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.
MiniRail System reference, Poland
The MiniClamp as end clamp and middle clamp fasten the solar modules.
MiniRail System reference, Poland
At the end of the project, the house has a 16 module pv system, which supplies electricity.

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