National monument in Amsterdam equipped with pv

Rijksmonument de Apollohal; Amsterdam; pv installation; S-Dome Classic reference
The building ‘Rijksmonument de Apollohal’ was built in 1934 and has been a national monument since 2004 (Dutch: rijksmonument). In the hall there is a gymnasium, which is used by a basketball club and the surrounding schools (source: JANSZON B.V.).

Installation information

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Building: Rijksmonument de Apollohal
  • Built: August 2019
  • Yield: 84.300 kWh / year
  • Number of modules: 250 modules
  • Special feature on the roof: tailor-made construction on stilts
  • System: S-Dome Classic with CrossRail 90
  • Modul fields: 10 fields
  • Roof type: flat roof
  • Partner: JANSZON B.V., City of Amsterdam
Tailor-made solution in Amsterdam

Tailor-made solution

The building has a special steel frame construction with steel girders. Since the roof does not have large load capacities, a special construction was necessary.

This substructure - consisting of the S-Dome Classic and the CrossRail 90 rail - is connected to the load-bearing steel frame via stilts.

More impressions of the project ‘Rijksmonument de Apollohal’


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