New football stadium in Lausanne with its own PV system

Stade de la Tuilière, football station, solar installation, Lausanne
The stadium ‘Stade de la Tuilière’ in Lausanne produces around 850 MWh of solar power annually (source: SI-REN SA).

Installation information

  • Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Building: Stade de la Tuilière, football stadium
  • Building height: 16 m
  • Commissioning: July 2020
  • Annual yield: 850 MWh
  • Number of modules: 2,340 modules
  • Position: Modules parallel to the roof covering
  • Construction time (total): 3 months
  • Solution: Assembly with 2nd rail layer of SpeedRail and SingleRail
  • Special feature: Flat roof with Sarnafil® waterproofing
  • Module inclination: 5°
  • Clamping of the modules: long side
  • Module field: 3,978 m²
  • Use of electricity: own consumption and fed into the grid
  • Ballasting: concrete blocks
  • Partner: SunTechnics Fabrisolar SA, SI-REN SA

Construction and opening

The video shows a time-lapse of the new stadium in Lausanne and provides insights into the construction and the opening in November 2020.

Stade de la Tuilière, football stadium, Lausanne, solar installation, photovoltaics
The fastening was done by a second rail layer of SpeedRail and SingleRail as well as a ballasting with concrete blocks.

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