PV plant with 12.7 MWp and our D-Dome 6 mounting system

D-Dome 6, Trecate, Italy, reference, Kering, SunPower, largest rooftop solar installation

Installation information

  • Location: Trecate, Italy
  • Building: Logistics hub
  • Annual yield: 13.5 GWh
  • Annual CO2 reduction: 7,500 tonnes
  • Nominal output: 12.7 MWp
  • Commissioning: June 2021
  • Roof covering: Membrane
  • System: D-Dome 6
  • Elevation angle: 10° / double-sided
  • Number of modules: 31,000 modules
  • Module orientation: horizontal
  • Module field (total): 55,160 qm
  • Use of electricity: own consumption and fed into the power grid

One of the largest rooftop solar installations in Europe

The solar plant is located on the rooftop of the new global logistic hub of a leading global luxury group in Trecate, in Northern Italy. With 13.5 GWh, it generates more energy than it can consumes itself, which is why electricity is supplied to the grid. Over 20 million fashion items are stored on more than 162,000 m² and around 80 million items are shipped per year.

The 31,000 solar modules are securely and reliably mounted using K2's D-Dome 6 double-sided elevated mounting system. The system is quick and easy to set up, pre-assembled, with a simple click system and can be mounted without tools.

Kennew, with headquarters in Bergamo, Italy, designed and installed the solar system with K2's mounting system and Maxeon Solar Technologies solar panels. ‘The customer had specific requirements that Maxeon panels were able to meet, offering a number of advantages such as maximized performance in a given amount of roof space over a long period of time, field-proven reliability, best-of-breed durability and an industry-leading 25-year warranty on product and power,’ said Daniele Botti, managing director and co-owner of Kennew.

Trecate, Italy, logistics hub, Kering, luxury group

‘We are particularly happy to see this massive rooftop solar system becoming a reality, with companies that share a vision for high-quality sustainable living coming together,’ said Mark Babcock, Chief Revenue Officer at Maxeon Solar Technologies.

Trecate, Italy, logistics hub, Techbau, construction

The construction of the logistics hub was realised by Techbau. It consists of two buildings: Building A has 60,000 m² (including approx. 1,500 m² of office space and 51 loading bays) and Building B with a total of 100,000 m² (including approx. 7,500 m² of office space and 85 loading bays).


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