Reference project with four system solutions installed on 26 roofs

A large PV plant with a capacity of 1,330 kW was built on an agricultural business site in Obhausen in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
A large PV plant with a capacity of 1,330 kW was built on an agricultural business site in Obhausen in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. (Source: MHB Montage GmbH)

Installation information

  • Built: October-November 2016
  • Yield: 1,330 kW
  • Number of modules: 4,224 modules
  • Roof covering: trapezoidal sheet metal and corrugated fibre cement
  • Elevation angle: 5° to 25° south and east-west elevation
  • System solutions: MiniRail, D-Dome, Hanger Bolt with SolidRail and custom design

The special project in Obhausen was developed in close cooperation with MHB Montage GmbH at the end of 2016. Various K2 Systems mounting systems totaling 4,224 modules, were installed on more than 20 roofs with different requirements and inclinations, generating 1,330 kW.

"In a project of this magnitude, the exchange between the manufacturer and installer is especially important during the planning phase and subsequent assembly.  We are very strong in technical support thanks to our great colleagues in Renningen," emphasizes Dirk Schömig, Project Manager at K2 Systems.

Four mounting system solutions

‘We installed the mounting systems on the premises step by step. We started with installation of the MiniRail System with increased elevation from our new MiniFive product on 13 roofs. Then we installed 120 modules with hanger bolts.
For east-west elevation, we installed the D-Dome System on 3 roofs, and used a custom design for around 600 modules. Due to the size and complexity of the project, the planning and the coordination of the installation was immensely important. Since we had successfully implemented similar projects in the past with the K2 Systems team, the choice of the mounting system manufacturer was clear. You can always rely on the high level of professional expertise and personal support from K2 Systems,’ says Joshua Tlapak, Managing Director of MHB Montage.

MiniRail with MiniFive

The MiniRail System was mounted on 13 roof surfaces, of which approx. 90 modules receive additional 5° of elevation from the MiniFive.

D-Dome Classic

The D-Dome Classic, offering double-sided elevation, was mounted on 692 modules. The D-Dome can be installed on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs in addition to flat roofs with a roof pitch of up to 5°.


Approx. 120 modules were fixed using the hanger bolt and the SolidRail.



In Obhausen, 315 watts of solar modules with approx. 2 meters were installed (dimensions: 196x99x40 cm), some of which required custom fastening construction. As an example, 600 modules with a 20° custom design by K2 Systems were installed on a trapezoidal sheet metal roof.

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