S-Dome Classic for a rental villa in Jamaica - the ‘Dreamtime Modern Beach Villa’

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Installation information

  • Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Building: rental villa with concrete roof
  • Annual output: 61 MWh
  • Number of modules: 120 modules
  • Built: August 2020
  • Construction time: 3 weeks
  • Special feature: roof with a lower section in the middle
  • System: S-Dome Classic
  • Roof pitch: 3°
  • Clamping of the modules: long side
  • Module orientation: horizontal
  • Use of electricity: grid tied with a net billing license to sell excess energy back
  • Partner: Renewable Energy Developers Ltd. (RED)
Tailor-made solution with S-Dome Classic

Tailor-made solution with S-Dome

The roof has a lower section in the middle that the installer had to cover with a steel structure so that the solar panels could be installed on the main roof level without shading.

Thanks to its flexibility, the S-Dome Classic allows this project-specific assembly.

‘The project was developed to be able to with stand high wind speeds and salt mist as the location is right on the beach in Montego Bay. In order to increase the overall strength of the S-Dome System we used two rails per solar panel. On top we used anchor bolts to attach the rails to the roof. We have choosen to use the S-Dome System because of the durability of the material use of its components so that rust cannot effect the solar panel mounting system over time. This was extremely important to us because the location is right on the sea shore,’ said Maikel Oerbekke, CEO of Renewable Energy Developers Ltd. (RED).


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