S-Dome installation for a hospital in Finland

S-Dome installation for a hospital in Finland
The four roof areas of the hospital in Finland have a yield of 200 kW. The S-Dome systems absorb high snow loads (source: LEM-KEM OY).

Installation information

  • Commissioned: Spring 2017
  • Location: Kuopio, Finland
  • Building: university hospital
  • Roof areas: 3 rectangular and 1 circular surface
  • Yield: 200 kW
  • System: S-Dome System Classic
  • Mounting rail: SpeedRail
  • Roof covering: membrane
  • Power consumption: own consumption + fed into the power grid
  • Partner: LEM-KEM OY

Video records

Take a look at the project from the air!

Reference S-Dome System
The hospital's circular car park has an S-Dome system, which supplies the area with electricity.

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