S-Dome Small System for a redeveloped roof

Reference S-Dome Small
After the roof renovation, the PV system was installed using the S-Dome Small System (source: Solar Sky GmbH).

Installation information

  • Built: March 2018
  • Location: Ludwigsau-Ersrode, Germany
  • Yield: 29.97 kWp
  • Commissioned: March 2018
  • Power consumption: own consumption
  • System: S-Dome Small
  • Number of modules: 111 modules
  • Roof covering: trapezoidal sheet metal with 0.75 mm thickness
  • Roof pitch: 3° + 10° elevation
  • Partner: Solar Sky GmbH
Reference S-Dome Small, Germany

Generated electricity is used for own consumption

The PV system with 111 solar modules and one inverter generates an output of 29.97 kWp and thus avoids 16,413 kg/year of CO2 emissions.

Complete roof renovated in 9 days

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„First we renewed the roof with a 0.75 millimetre thick trapezoidal sheet metal in order to install a PV system. The plant, which was built in March 2018, could be connected after only 9 days. The support of the K2 team was super from the planning to the support during the installation. In this project, our 20 years of experience in the field of solar energy as well as our know-how from over 90 years in the construction industry have paid off,“ says Erik U. Oberänder, project leader Solar Sky GmbH.



„The S-Dome Small System is particularly suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs on which an additional elevation is to be achieved and on which the system is to be mounted parallel to raised crests. The system has an effective elevation angle of 13°, instead of 3° without the Dome system. This increases the efficiency and self-cleaning of the modules,“ says Axel Klett of K2 Systems. Axel Klett supports the K2 team since the beginning of the year and is responsible for northern Germany. 


Reference S-Dome Small, Germany

System with horizontal solar modules

The 111 modules are horizontal and clamped on the long side. The FlexClamp small terminal ensures the appropriate hold between the module frame and the mounting system.

The mounting system consists of the MultiRail, which is fastened parallel to raised crests with self-drilling screws.


The Dome S1000 small is placed on the MultiRail, which is mounted by two MK2 insert nuts. The Dome SD is also fixed by an MK2 and a cylinder screw.


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