SolidRail with standing seam clamp installed

Project in Switzerland for a house with rented apartments
The PV system is located on a block of flats on Avenue Nestlé in Vevey (source: Sunergic).

Installation information

  • Location: Vevey, Switzerland
  • Number of modules: 119
  • Yield: 35,1 kWp
  • System: SolidRail, S-5! Standing seam clamp, AddOn
  • Assembly time: approx. 5 days
  • Partner: Sunergic

Grid mounting with SolidRail

The S-5! standing seam clamp is suitable for standing seam metal roofs and is connected to the SolidRail Ultra Light rail. The AddOn component is necessary because the solar modules are mounted horizontally (landscape orientation) and clamped to the long side.


Standing seam clamp

Our partner Sunergic installed a system with 35 kWp in a few days in winter 2017.

480 standing seam clamps, 330 AddOns and 350 MK2 slot nuts within installed on the roof. The solar modules were mounted on approximately 330 meters of SoldiRail. 

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