Tailored solution for a newly developed urban area

Project installed in Heidelberg, Germany, with 252 modules
The city of Heidelberg prescribes a distance of at least 35 cm between module undersides and the upper edge of the roof skin for green flat roofs. Therefore no flat roof system but a tailored construction has been installed (source: WIRCON GmbH).

Installation information

  • Commissioning: Summer 2017
  • Location: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Yield: 66,78 kW
  • Roof covering: Foil with substrate (green roof)
  • System: Triangle System on SpeedRail
  • Number of modules: 252 modules
  • Special feature of the roof: Roofs have slopes in several directions
  • Partner: WIRCON GmbH
Specially developed substructure

Specially developed substructure

The three green roof areas have two special features: On the one hand, they have different gradients and, on the other hand, the city of Heidelberg stipulates a minimum distance between the roof cladding and the solar module. For this reason, K2 project manager Stephan Klopfer implemented the system with the help of the flexible Triangle System.

„The K2 team and especially Mr. Klopfer supported us in the Heidelberg project and looked for and found an individual solution for the complex requirements of the roof surfaces. We are very grateful to K2 Systems for this great service,“ says Johannes Groß, Sales Manager for major projects at WIRCON GmbH.

Components of the construction

The mounting system of the 252 solar modules is the Triangle System, which consists of the SolidRail mounting rail, the elevation and the SpeedRail as underground mounting on pavement slabs. The OneMid and OneEnd universal clamps were also used.

Solar power supplies the inhabitants of the new development area

Solar power supplies the inhabitants of the new development area

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