Swiss transmission mast produces own solar power

Swiss transmitter mast, transmitter "La Dôle", Gingins in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, PV system, solar system, SunTechnics
Impressions of the project in summer and winter (source: Suntechnics Fabrisolar AG).

Energy-efficient broadcasting services for the Lake Geneva region

The ‘La Dôle’ broadcasting station is located above Nyon in the Swiss canton of Vaud and provides the population with radio and TV programmes.


Thanks to clever cooling with fresh outside air and the photovoltaic system built in June 2018, this is a very energy-efficient transmitter. Suntechnics Fabrisolar AG, as a leading full-service provider of turnkey solutions for renewable energies, has planned and installed the PV system on the building as well as the tailor-made system on the transmission tower.  


‘In addition, we benefit from the high reflection of the snow, by using bifacial modules on the transmission tower,’ says Olivier Loutan, project manager SunTechnics Fabrisolar.

Interesting facts about the system on the transmitter mast

  • Building: transmission mast with steel construction
  • Number of modules: 107 modules
  • Modul: LG 390N2T-A5 (41.73 kWc)
  • System: customized construction with the SolidRail Alpin rail
  • Clamping of the modules: on the long side

Interesting facts about the installation on the building

  • Building: Pitched roof with trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Number of modules: 244 modules
  • Modul: Aleo X59 HE 305 (74.42 kWc)
  • System: SpeedRail
  • Clamping of the modules: on the long side

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