Tailor-made façade solution with SolidRail components

SolidRail, facade, wall, solar installation, PV, Tallinn, Estonia, special construction

Installation information

  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Building: commercial halls
  • Building height: 9 m
  • Fastening: to the façade
  • Planning and installation time: 2 months
  • Commissioning: December 2020
  • System: SolidRail (special construction)
  • Number of modules: 355 modules
  • Module orientation: vertical
  • Clamping of the modules: on the long side
  • Use of the electricity: own consumption
  • Partner: Energiapartner OÜ

A particularly exciting and interesting project!

‘The project in Tallinn was outside our comfort zone and therefore particularly exciting and interesting. A lot of coordination was necessary for the construction of the solar system on the exterior façade. Firstly, with the engineers from K2 for the selection of the right fixings, with the metal engineers for the protection of the interior for additional support of the façade, and secondly with the installers on site for the assessment of a stable and safe installation,’ says Ravo Haavik, project manager at Energiapartner OÜ.

SolidRail, facade, wall, commercial, Estonia, special construction, mounting system, fastening
The fastening made of SolidRail rails was developed especially for this project (source: Energiapartner OÜ).

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