The first S-Rock System installation in Osnabrück

Reference S-Rock System
The first S-Rock installation planned with Base On took place on a company roof building in Osnabrück. (Source: Sunera Erneuerbare Energien GmbH)

Installation information

  • Built: mid-2016
  • Yield: 99,75 kW
  • Roof dimensions: 82.96 m long and 45.25 m wide
  • 2 roof surfaces with 4 module fields
  • Roof covering: membrane roofs
  • Wind and snow load zones: 2

The first S-Rock project was a collaboration between K2 Systems and its partner EWS together with its customer AS Projekte GmbH in Osnabrück. The PV system has supplied the company building of All Seasons Self Storage, which rents storage spaces to private and commercial customers, with an output of 99.75 kW since this summer. The large warehouse was ideal for the construction of a modern PV system to cover a large part of the electricity requirement with the help of solar energy.


"The installation is an exciting pilot project in two respects. Not only was the S-Rock System installed for the first time on this flat roof, but it was also planned using our new online calculation tool Base On", reports Rainer Ebenho, Project Manager at K2 Systems. The free Base On tool supports planning through current satellite imagery, intuitive drawing tools, as well as detailed reports and plans.



New system receives high ratings from installers

S-Rock System Reference
S-Rock System Reference
S-Rock System Reference
S-Rock System Reference

When the S-Rock System was presented in July at Intersolar in Munich, it demonstrated clear savings in working time, transport weight and volume.

The installer Mr. Robert Friesen of AS projects was also won over: "It was great fun to assemble the system. I personally think S-Rock is very well thought out and the first installation here in Osnabrück was intuitive and very easy to assemble – as if a lot of thought went into the design. I give the S-Rock a thumbs up! "

Also for Katharina David, Managing Director of K2 Systems, the S-Rock is particularly impressive thanks to the reduced assembly time of up to 30 percent.


Base On advantages

  • Easy planning with Google Maps satellite images
  • Improved calculation bases
  • Intuitive graphical drawing tools for roofs and module areas

S-Rock 15° flat roof system

The solution for quick single-sided elevation


The S-Rock System helps you save valuable work time, transport weight, and volume. This system optimizes all aspects of preparation and handling. Save up to 30 % installation time. The result is an innovative flat-roof mounting system that will shape the future of the market. All components can be transported on pallets.

  • Ultra quick and easy mounting
  • One component with integrated ballast tray and cable management solution
  • No additional pre-assembly
  • One universal clamp for all modules
  • Aerodynamically optimised as a result of wind tunnel testing

  • Symbol flat roof
  • Symbol one-sided elevation
  • Symbol pallets ware

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