Zurich flat roof fitted with a custom K2 solution

Zurich call for tender for L-Profile special project
K2 Systems installed an L-Profile custom design on a flat roof in the Tièchestrasse in Zurich.

Installation information

  • Built: mid 2016
  • Yield: 118 kW
  • Number of modules: 445 modules
  • Elevation angle: 10° south facing
  • Roof fixation: PE panels
  • Invitation to tender from the City of Zurich, Switzerland

In collaboration with the Swiss company WindGate AG, K2 Systems built a PV system with a total of 445 solar modules for the city of Zurich.

"The modules were attached to a tailored designed substructure, which consists of high-quality L-profiles fixed on PE-plates. With the 10° south-facing elevation, the system yields around 118 kW ", says Lars Kreemke, K2 Systems Project Manager.


Custom solution for Swiss flat roof

Special project reference
Special project reference
Special project reference
Special project reference

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