Dome 6 flat roof PV mounting systems

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  • 80% pre-assembled and 70% faster to install thanks to improved components
  • The handy Dome Speed Spacer distance gauge provides time-saving rail alignment
  • Secure anchoring with fixed connection for roofs ≤ 5° and low load reserves
Symbols Properties Dome 6 Mounting systems

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Advantages and components

70 % faster installation

  • Significantly shorter installation time of Dome 6 compared to the predecessor model Dome V
  • Thanks to improved, pre-assembled components, new hitch pin technology and the distance gauge
Rail sets Dome 6 and Peak assembly

Pre-assembled rail sets

  • Designed for current and future module sizes
  • Set completely pre-assembled and click system for Peaks
  • Tool-free assembly without screws


  • Quick and easy rail connector with hitch pin
  • No screw connection necessary
  • Compensates tolerances by means of floating bearings
Universal module clamps MiniClamp EC/MC

Universal module clamps:

MiniClamp MC/EC


  • Clamping range 30 - 50 mm
  • Compatible with MiniRail, MicroRail and Dome V systems
  • Optional: Potential equalization with TerraGrif possible
Mat S

Mat S

  • Shear soft Mat S made of EPDM – only 1 size and 1 variant
  • Takes up and compensates for tolerances
  • High friction coefficients reduce ballast
Dome FixPro in use with D-Dome 6

Dome FixPro

  • Extends the application possibilities of Dome 6 systems
  • Fixed connection for roofs with inclination ≤ 5°
  • Required for roof pitches ≥ 3°
  • Recommended for roofs with low load reserves

Dome Speed Spacer

A new assembly aid


  • Simple alignment of the rails on the roof using the flexible spacer template
  • Simply adjust the module length and set the rail spacing
  • Suitable for all K2 flat roof systems