ETA for CrossHook 3S

23.11.2016 | Renningen

ETA CrossHook 3S

The prestigious European Technical Assessment has been awarded to CrossHook 3S

The proven CrossHook 3S roof hook has now been awarded the coveted European Technical Assessment (ETA) certificate. K2 Systems submitted the roof hook at the start of the year and has now received certification from the ETA office in Denmark. “We are particularly proud of the ETA for our CrossHook 3S, as it means we now possess authorisation valid throughout the EU,” says Katharina David, Chief Executive Officer at K2 Systems.

European Technical Assessment of the CrossHook 3S is unique in the market

The CrossHook 3S roof hook is used on pitched roofs with pantiles. The examination focused on the limits of its load-bearing capacity. For instance, the roof connection and the load-bearing capacity of the cantilever arm used to carry the mounting rail were both tested. “With this certification for the CrossHook 3S in combination with the SingleRail or CrossRail, we have achieved a complete structurally proven mounting system. This feature makes our systems using CrossHook 3S unique in the European market and sets worldwide standards,” says Melanie Wiggers, product developer at K2 Systems.

European Technical Assessment is based on the idea that the European community requires technical harmonisation in order to ensure greater simplicity and improved comparability between products. The ETA 16/0709 acquired here applies to all of Europe and is equivalent to the standard ATEC certification in France. The roof hook also holds MCS 012 certification for Great Britain.

The European Technical Assessment helps to align the European Economic Area through technical compatibility

An ETA involves a multi-stage procedure conducted by competent certification centres like ETA Denmark. Article 26 (1) Construction Products Regulation defines the European Assessment Document as the basis for the assessment. A series of analyses and calculations are performed in order to identify the main properties of the building product and in this case, include mechanical strength and stability.

Unlike the National Technical Approval in Germany, ETA certification requires proof of usability in addition to load-bearing analysis. K2 Systems satisfies this requirement through CE certification, in which the company proves that all products intended as supporting elements in the building industry are approved for use according to European requirements and the published declaration of performance.



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