S-Rock-15° System

21.06.2016 | Renningen


The S-Rock System heralds a new era of flat roof mounting

The new S-Rock System, from the globally operating mounting system manufacturer K2 Systems, revolutionises the installation of photovoltaic systems on flat roofs. The unique design of this single component system, which consists of two universal clamps, the windbreaker and two building protection mats, accelerates and simplifies installation. Furthermore, the system has an optimum load distribution which, in addition to being structurally verified, has successfully completed a comprehensive wind tunnel test.


Four products for a complete system

The S-Rock System generally requires four products that include, among other things, the aluminium S-Rock module support element with a tilt angle of 15°. Herein lies the unique feature of the new system as the module itself can carry ballast without the need for additional components or time-consuming pre-assembly. The system also has a universal clamp for fastening the corresponding photovoltaic module, the windbreaker, and the building protection mat to protect the roof covering.


Thanks to its compact and quickly assembled design, the S-Rock System introduces a new stage of development in module system installations. For Katharina David, Managing Director of K2 Systems, one thing is clear: “Our new S-Rock System is a pioneering innovation that meets the needs of installers and electricians and, at the same time, stands for high quality and functionality. The first S-Rock projects in Germany have already impressively demonstrated that using this new type of installation can reduce installation time by around 30 percent.”


S-Rock earns top marks in load tests and in wind tunnel testing

In addition to the usual wind tunnel testing and certification by external structural engineers, the company conducted multiple, large-scale load tests on the system. The extensive experiments and tests in regards to uplift and horizontal displacement of the system were all successful and, at the same time, provided important data for future products.


Thus, the new S-Rock System is an innovative and functional enhancement to the modular system solutions for flat roofs and, of course, it also includes the personal service that the K2 Systems team is known for.

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