SingleRail now also for standing seam coverings

With the R-Medi clamp, the SingleRail mounting rail can be mounted on round bulb seam profiles.

Two new standing seam clamps: DS-Medi and R-Medi

The proven SingleRail System is now not only suitable for roofs with tiles, corrugated sheet metal or corrugated fibre cement, but also for standing seam roofing.


The two new clamps DS-Medi (article no.: 2003024) and R-Medi (article no.: 2002859) are now available and listed in the product catalogue.

Standing seam clamp

For use on standing seam

The DS-Medi clamp is suitable for double folded standing seams made of titanium zinc, aluminium, stainless or galvanised steel.


The R-Medi clamp is used for mounting on various round bulb seams (such as Kalzip, Bemo, Aluform or RIB-ROOF Evolution).

Design in Base On

Since the current update (, roofs with a standing seam covering can also be equipped with the SingleRail System.


In the online software you can plan the suitable mounting system including static report step by step.



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