K2 A-Rack and P-Rack Systems

Solution for small ground-mounted projects and off-grid systems. Pre-assembled components for 15°, 20° and 25°.

System Highlights

Universal use

No planning necessary (assembly packages for 14 modules)

A- und P-Rack auf verschiedenen Böden

Assembly-friendly packages

Directly prepared for mounting. Elevation of 15°, 20° or 25° covered with one set.

A-Rack Paket

Different elevations

Elevations of 15°, 20° or 25° possible. P-Rack: with raised upright as storage area.

Aufständerungsoptionen A-/P-Rack

Easy transport

Max. Rail length 1.9 m; Max. Weight A-rack: 84 kg/P-rack: 93 kg

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Downloads & Technical Data

Detailed information about our system can be found in the product catalogue.

  • Component overview
  • Requirements and mounting method
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