A-Rack and P-Rack ground mounted systems

Simple concrete foundation

  • Simple solution for small ground mounted projects and off-grid systems
  • Detailed foundation and reinforcement plans
  • Components pre-assembled: ready to assemble 15°, 20° and 25°
  • Delivery as palletised goods
    · Maximum rail length of 1.9 m
    · Suitable for pick up vehicle transport

  • Symbol ground mounted system
  • Palletised goods
  • Pick up vehicle transport
A-Rack side profile
P-Rack side profile

Left: A-Rack | right: P-Rack

Illustration module layout

16 modules

  • No planning required
  • Suitable for most ground and module types
  • Complete ready-to-assemble system with detailed installation instructions

Illustration A-Rack and P-Rack bundle

Complete ready-to-ship assembly kits

  • All components in one package
  • Suitable for pickup vehicle transport
  • Maximum rail length 1.9 m
  • A-Rack: 84 kg
    P-Rack: 93 kg

Illustration elevations angles A-Rack and P-Rack

15°, 20° and 25° elevations

  • Various elevations allow flexible use by cutting support strut
  • P-Rack: With increased elevation for storage space

Illustration foundations A-Rack and P-Rack

Own foundations

  • Foundation constructed on-site
  • With detailed reinforcement plan

Our A- and P-Rack ground mounted systems are the ideal solution for small installations and off-grid projects that need to be built quickly and efficiently. Ready-to-assemble systems are equipped with all the necessary components.


Both systems are suitable for standard modules. They can be mounted with 15°, 20° or 25° elevations. The support beam must only be shortened for modules with 15° and 20° elevations. Mounting holes are provided for all elevations.


All necessary connectors, small components, as well as universal module clamps are included.

Reference: A-Rack System

Reference: A-Rack System