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    Lightning protection and equipotential bonding made easy!

    Lightning protection and equipotential bonding made easy! Find out how easy you can implement lightning protection and equipotential bonding with specific components for all K2 mounting systems in our detailed recommendation. In addition to detailed explanations, you will find numerous examples of equipotential bonding and lightning current carrying connections as well as general information in the report:


    Recommendation: Lightning protection and equipotential bonding

    (With regard to planning and execution, it is essential to observe the national and site-specific standards. We would like to point out that the recommendation was drawn up on the basis of German standards).

    Things to know about lightning protection

    In general, the lightning protection system is a measure to prevent possible damage from lightning strikes. A complete protection system includes all metallic installations, superstructures and components of the PV system. It is complemented by the internal lightning protection which primarily consists of surge protection.


    • An existing lightning protection system should not be impaired in its effect by a PV system. Therefore, the lightning protection concept should always be coordinated with a lightning protection specialist.
    • A new lightning protection system to be installed should be designed in such a way that it fulfills its function even without the PV system. In general, specialists should also inspect the lightning protection here as well as check the effects. A protection system that does not comply with the standards can lead to major damage.

    External and internal lightning protection

    External and internal lightning protection

    • External lightning protection: External lightning protection provides protection against lightning strikes that would occur directly in the system to be protected. It consists of air-termination systems, lightning conductors (arrestors) and grounding systems.


    • Internal lightning protection: Overvoltage protection, which is the internal lightning protection, includes the measures against overvoltages of various types. The internal lightning protection also protects against effects from the mains.

    Important: External and internal lightning protection complement each other to form a lightning protection system.


    Lightning protection system video

    The video impressively shows you the path of the current discharge from the lightning strike to the discharge into the ground.

    (Source: VDB Association of German Lightning Protection Companies)

    Solution for lightning protection

    Solution for lightning protection

    Lightning protection clamps secure the aluminum conductors to the mounting system rails and ensure that the lightning current is conducted outside the building. The lightning protection clamp is available from K2 as a set:

    • Lightning Protection Clamp Multi Set (2002473)
    • Lightning protection clamp Multi Double Set (2002474)

    Things to know about equipotential bonding

    If points of different potential are conductively connected to each other, the potential difference existing between them is equalized. An electrical voltage can then no longer be measured between the points and thus potential equalization is established.


    Earthing is an electrically conductive connection with the electrical potential of the ground. Here, equipotential bonding and the grounding system complement each other to form an effective protection system.

    Equipotential bonding solution

    The TerraGrif is the simple and fast module grounding solution and enables potential equalization between mounting rail and module frame.

    Download our mounting tips.

    Equipotential bonding video

    Stephan Klopfer, K2 sales representative, shows you three different TerraGrif solutions in the video.

    The accessories including a mounting recommendation can also be found in the TerraGrif overview.

    Selection in K2 Base

    You can find our lightning protection solution in our K2 Base in the "Results" tab for selection. You can easily add them and find the selected components in the project bill of materials.