Corrugated fibre cement, corrugated or trapezoidal sheet metal

SolidRail mit Stockschraube auf Wellfaserzementeindeckung

Mounting systems


K2 mounting systems with hanger bolts or solar fasteners are suitable for coverings made of corrugated fibre cement or Eternit, corrugated iron, or trapezoidal sheets. The three mounting rail families SingleRail, CrossRail and SolidRail are suitable here.

Solar fasteners can be used for all three cover types. For corrugated roofing, hanger bolts can be used to allow more flexibility with height adjustment.

  • Corrugated fibre cement and corrugated sheet metal
    • Hanger bolts: SingleRail, CrossRail and SolidRail
    • Solar fastener" SolidRail
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal: Solar fastener with SolidRail


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