Play an active role in shaping the energy transition. Harvest solar energy from your own roof.

... and build on K2 in the process.


Climate protection is the most important issue and forces us all to rethink. With a photovoltaic system on your roof, you can actively protect the climate, keep your own electricity costs under control and reduce your personal CO2 balance.

One third of the solar electricity generated in Germany already comes from the roofs of private owners. Alongside businesses and farmers, they play a key role in the energy transition!1


It's up to you! With a solar system on your own home, you live in your own four walls and supply yourself with green and at the same time cheap electricity. Of course, it is also crucial that the solar system is mounted safely and reliably on your roof for many years.

1Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien, 12/2020.

Place your solar system on a secure foundation, installer on the roof, tiled roof, mounting system.

Place your solar system on a safe foundation

Play it safe when it comes to the most important structural component of your solar installation. Because only the mounting system is directly connected to your property and thus forms the basis for the reliable production of your own solar power and for an increase in the value of your home.

Solar system with snow, weather

Statically proven and certified - Quality pays off!

No matter what the weather - with K2 your solar system is completely safe, because our mounting systems are:

  • Statically proven and have a 12-year product guarantee
  • Designed and developed by ourselves and are 95 % manufactured in Europe
  • Tested many times and with certified quality
  • Reliably planned with our K2 Base software: Your installer gets the static proof (according to Eurocode) and the installation plan delivered there. Ask your installer for the
  • Base planning documents for your system.

16 GW in over 130 countries

We have been convincing many installers with our systems since 2004 because the installation of our fixings is simple, fast and safe.


The proof: The solar plants installed with K2 mounting systems have an output of over 16 GW and that in over 130 countries worldwide.

Installer assembles PV system, craftsman

Ask an expert and invest in a secure connection

Rely on quality products and a reliable partner for your solar installation. Your installer offers you everything from a single source, from advice and planning to implementation - including the K2 mounting system.

Simply make an enquiry!

In order to get a complete offer from a solar installer, some data is needed. The better your request, the faster the specialist company can prepare a suitable offer for you.


Use the PDF template as the basis for a quotation request for your personal photovoltaic system. Fill out the document with all the data - if data does not apply or is unknown to you, you can of course omit it. The installer will competently help you with any missing information.

Product guarantee and certificates

K2 Systems stands for a safe connection, highest quality as well as precisely manufactured and accurately fitting components.


We give a 12 year product guarantee on all K2 System components. This is ensured by the use of high-quality materials and a three-stage quality inspection. This quality is constantly tested and certified by external and internal bodies - our customers can rely on this.