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Webinar [Romanian]: PV planning in K2 Base and load calculation for Romania


Wind loads Romania

Do you already know all the details of K2 Base? In this webinar we will show you how to plan PV projects from start to finish with K2 Base.
A new feature is that the national standard or the national annex for the static calculation according to Eurocode is implemented in K2 Base. We will show you this function in detail and demonstrate the optimisation possibilities with regard to loads.


What we show you…


  • Correct determination of roof types and roof coverings
  • Drawing roof surfaces correctly and preparing them for module planning
  • Choosing the right mounting system for the individual project requirements
  • Optimisation options for module arrays in terms of loads, thermal separation or maintenance aisles and material optimisation
  • Introduction to the project report and application of the installation instructions


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