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Webinar: Tile roofs


SolidRail with stainless steel roof hooks and SingleRail with aluminium roof hooks

Pitfalls of tile roofing

Super-fast, exact tile milling, rafter and batten spacing and tile types


the exact planning of PV projects with roof tiles is actually only possible through site inspection and measurement.

In this webinar, we will show you what really matters in planning, what variables there are and how these can be favourably influenced by clever choice and quantity of components. We are also very pleased to introduce you to a new tool for cutting out roof tiles and concrete roof stones: The roof tile cutter from Rabied-Biedron.


Tile and gutter support cutter


This cutter with dust extraction from Rabied-Biedron allows you to process tiles and roof tiles for roof hooks super fast and clean.


Topics at a glance:

  • Explanation of heavy, unpredictable factors such as rafter spacing, batten spacing and tile types.
  • Presentation of the Rabied-Biedron roof tile cutter and its advantages
  • Interpretation and application of the K2 Base installation plan on site
  • Presentation of the installation systems for tiled roofs

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